Story of a President

01 del hockey a la bicicleta

02 modernizador del ciclismo español

03 bahamontes vs loroño

04 salvador de la vuelta españa

05 máxima autoridad mundial

06 el tour de perico delgado

07 el legado

For you, grandpa

This project was born because one day I felt the need to do something to remember my grandfather. A website seemed fine to start. Then I asked my father for some photos and memories that he had saved. He gave me a box and told me it was pretty much what he had. I opened it and found what I expected, a few photos, badges, ID cards. Great, I had it all to begin. Suddenly, I saw a folder with the title “experiences of a President”. What was that? I started reading and it was a never published autobiography of my grandfather, written in his own handwriting. A real treasure.

Diego Puig

“As president of the UCI, Luis Puig has always been to me as a father. A great moderator and a pivotal figure between the two blocks of amateur and professional cycling. Despite what people might say, I lost a friend and a teacher. He was the father of the international cycling family “.

Hein Verbruggen – President of the ICU between 1991 and 2005

“Spanish cycling will hardly have again a man with the ability to work, the experience and humanity that Luis had”.

Miquel Poblet – First Spanish Yellow Jersey of the Tour of France of 1955

“The intelligence of cycling is gone along with him. For our sport it is one of the saddest things that could ever happen, because he was the one who worked the most for its professionalization”.

Vicente Belda – Ex- cyclist and director of cycling teams

The sport and Luis Puig

President of the Valencian Hockey Federation

President of the Valencian Swimming Federation

President of the Valencian Baseball Federation

President of the Valencian Handball Federation

President of the Valencian Athletics Federation

President of the Valencian Basketball Federation


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