For you, grandpa

I lost my grandfather when I was only 12. He was someone very special for me, he was always there. I knew he was an important person in the sports world, and therefore, a very busy man. However, he was not busy for me, or I didn´t perceived it that way at least. I remember having good times with him in his villa in the mountain or in his house in Valencia, or going with him for running a few errands. Those moments with my grandpa were very intense and will mark me for life. He always was a person with many virtues, but what I remember most about him is his calm and his ability to listen. Or better yet, the ability for the person who was with him to feel understood and valued. He would listen with such passion that always made you feel very special.

This project was born because one day I felt the need to do something to remember my grandfather. A website seemed fine to start. Then I asked my father for some photos and memories that he had saved. He gave me a box and told me it was pretty much what he had. I opened it and found what I expected, a few photos, badges, ID cards. Great, I had it all to begin. Suddenly, I saw a folder with the title “experiences of a President”. What was that? I started reading and it was a never published autobiography of my grandfather, written in his own handwriting. A real treasure.

Nowadays, after I brought together a team and share the content and the aim of this project with experts and cycling professionals, I get very excited when I prove that my grandfather awoke in many people the same he awoke in me.

This is the reason why in addition to dedicate it to my grandfather Luis Puig, I also wanted to dedicate it to all of you who have loved him and helped him forging as a person that fully dedicated his life to sport, to his family and friends.

The project is in development: a website, a book, an exhibition, a documentary, a race in his honor. Time will tell.

Thank you very much to everybody.

diego puig gomar